1913 (Paris) - 1999 ()

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At the age of 18, he decided to devote his life to painting and the arts. An assiduous student at the Ecole des Arts Appliques, Venard learned the remaining secrets of his craft while working as a restorer at theLouvreMuseum. Venard was mobilized and fought in the World War II, which affected his life and his work in a profound manner. From 1960 onwards, Venard was living and working in Sanary.

Remaining faithful to a post-cubist composition of his pictorial space, he gradually increased the chromatics of his palette to the rawest tone, always used in rich and smooth pasta.

As of 1935, Claude Venard's paintings were already being exhibited worldwide in expositions and show devoted to modern art. In Paris, the artistic centre of the time, Venard was an active participant of the ‘Forces Nouvelles’ artists group, which included Humblot, Gruber, Tal-Coat, and others. He was also a regular exhibitor at the Salons, including the Salons des Independants, Tuileries, and of Mai (of which he was a founding member).

Venard had a very successful career inParisand abroad, with many solo shows in:Paris,London,New York,Milan,Geneva,Philadelphia,Chicago,San Francisco,Copenhagen,Stockholm,Dusseldorf,Munich,Buenos Aires,Tokyo, etc.