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Ride the Tiger

Robert Combas was born in Lyon in 1957. Encyclopedias and art history books associate his name with Free Figuration. And yet, beyond this label, he can be seen as a lyrical baroque man, in other words: a painter whose fellow traveller is Dionysus, the god of grapevine, wine, euphoria, wine-making, ritual dance and madness, trance, vital substances, (blood, sperm, sap, milk), powerful animals, (oxes, goats, and rams), rapture, lush vegetation, percussive music. He is also an inventor of tragedy and comedy, that is the sculpted Word. Like Dionysus, he rides the tiger, and everyday he runs the risk of being devoured by his own art. His painting is one of the most Dionysiac of the history of art.

Michel Onfray. TRANSE EST CONNAISSANCE – Un chamane nommé Combas